Why you should Stop Practicing These Few Black Hat SEO Strategies Right Away?

With the everyday changes in the demands, trends, strategies, behavior, you can expect your SEO to change and update a bit as well. Isn’t it shocking, the strategy that you were using to boost your traffic that actually generated amazing results, is now dumped and not used at all. You may still be following the old tactics, why? Lack of knowledge and lack of learning makes you stable and outdated. I’ll be honest with you; most of the tactics in the list are still chosen to be followed this year in 2018 by most of you. I have seen a lot of websites guilty of following the old school tactics and they don’t even feel the need to upgrade their practices.

But, now it’s high time if your only focus is to generate better leads, effective results and long-term stay in the market, you need to know which strategy should get a full stop. There are tons of SEO practices that used to be popular, but here you are going to see the few tactics which can give you the worst results if you keep on practicing it. So make sure you avoid using these tactics and try to focus on the latest best ones.

Few Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid:

Why Should Stuffing The Keyword Be Avoided?

When you try to optimize your website you try to take shortcuts in order to get quick results. These shortcuts later resulted in the rise in stuffing the keywords badly. Though writing content SEO friendly is important, it has to be user-friendly too.

What keyword stuffing actually does and most of you know but you still choose to follow it. Let’s have a look:

  1. The keywords are repeated so many times unnecessary
  2. Adding the keyword in the content which does not even frame a proper sensible sentence
  3. Using a keyword that does not suit or fit the page
  4. keyword stuffing spoils your chances to drive engagement
  5. With this, your content doesn’t look like it is written for a human audience
  6. It makes your reader really bored
  7. It can also be considered as a spamming

How Can Content Spinner Harm Your Website?

Ask yourself, you may have done this content spinning strategy for your website at least once and if you haven’t, don’t even try to do it this year or the coming years as well.

  1. You use this method with a thought of getting positive reviews but in reality, the spinners affect the website badly.
  2. You have software that takes an existing piece of writing and then rewrites it. You assume its original but believe me it is not.
  3. You are surely going to monitor the drastic decrease in your website demand if you don’t focus on original content.
  4. For Google quantity of your text may be important but the quality is very important which a spinner tool doesn’t fulfill at all.
  5. Search engines really appreciate and love original unique content.
  6. Only the word or the statement changes with it, but the meaning remains the same which is still a copy.
  7. These tactics are also considered to be unethical.

How Comment Spamming Affects?

  1. On any of your article or post, there is some random strange advertising comment on your post, this can be really disturbing.
  2. A lot of websites entertains such comment in order to make the comment section look better and lengthy but it indirectly affects your professionalism.
  3. You have a greater chance of losing some good commenter’s or valuable feedbacks.
  4. This looks very annoying and should not be entertained at all as you also have single visitors commenting a lot of times on your website.
  5. A comment section holds quite a value than the content because it shows how professional or likable your website it for other visitors.

There are various tricks that can help you avoid this spamming comment like you can install some app that strictly allows a fresh and valid comment to be posted, also you can have a filer comment option that does not allow specific advertising comment to not showcase in the section. Also if there are same types of comment by a single visitor you can block that same visitor from commenting and later if they post spam, it won’t be seen in the section.

How Can You Deal With Negative Links?

Well, natural and fresh links are always preferable, like posting links in your content in the footer to indicate the visitor for clicking and heading to a page that you want them to see.

  1. Some SEO experts who post random unnatural links that are not visible but it is present in the internal side try to play with Search engines but they, in short, take a big risk.
  2. Hidden links are one tactic that Google does not really love at all.
  3. These useless links are built in the plain site and you are definitely taking the whole SEO concept lightly if you follow it.
  4. You unknowingly add backlinks to your website that can cause your website in the big mess.
  5. Google will always recommend you do not use these links instead make your content and website fresh and clean with no strange back linking.

Why to Stop Nosy Popup and Ads on Website?

When you have a complete perfect website, you think you are going the right way, unless of course these advertisement and popup are what you choose to have on your website.

  1. An advertisement that covers your entire website can be really annoying,
  2. Covering your whole site can definitely irritate your website’s visitors and they may give you a bounce rate.
  3. Your complete interaction is with your visitors, this ads or popup suddenly can distract your visitors
  4. The visitor reading something very important or searching for some answers from your site may get distracted and find it irrelevant.
  5. In order to improve the mobile experience of the visitors, you have to serve the visitors in their ways.
  6. Continuous popup without a stop button can irritate the viewers.
  7. It is best to avoid advertisement that covers the entire screen,

Now Google has also made a statement this year that the website that shows such unnecessary advertisement and popup will be thrown away and has to face some consequences.


So, now you know about these few not so important SEO strategies, it is best that you immediately stop practicing it in your website. Firstly, always understand every year you will witness new changes and up gradation in the SEO tactics. This year, instead of focusing more on SEO friendly data make your user experience better. As you see the increase in the number of user on the online platform, Google is focusing more on content that suits the best for the visitors and if your website faces the increase in the bounce rate due to such poor strategy, Google will never rank you on the top.

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