What You Can Expect in 2018 Website Development Trends

The web development trend is already changing every year, and you can expect this trend to change further as well. With the increase in the utilization of smart phones, the customer expects their website experience to be really special and smooth. With this web development changes, the website owners basically try to make their website look more comfortable and work much better. As the technology-oriented world is blooming every day we see new websites, new features, new function as well as new apps. For every online business, staying updated with the latest innovations and inculcating it in the current design with help of the web developers to satisfy the client’s needs becomes very important.

With mobile usage more as compared to the desktop usage, having a responsive website becomes a real need in 2018. So considering the ongoing scenario, 2018 will get a big change in the developing world and web developers have to look out for it and incorporate it as well in the website. Below you will you will find out the crucial website development trend in 2018. This time our focus is on both the side of the website its front end as well as back ends.

The Top 5 Trends That You Need To Follow This Year

Single Page Website:

The topmost trend that we expect to grow in 2018 is the single page website, today’s user really want simplicity and speed. If your website doesn’t really function according to the visitor’s expectation it can be problematic. This new website trend is not seen in many websites yet, but definitely, you will see the majority of the online business switching to a single page website. This trend goes with the name, the website is single paged but it’s very long and lengthy. The shift from desktop to mobile doesn’t really like website holding too many pages as it’s tough to operate an X pages website on phone. Thus, the single page long lengthy website has to be the best option for the visitor’s convenience.

Mobile- Web Development

When you develop a website i.e. website development you don’t just look at the website through your desktop; definitely you will get viewers from tablets, mobile phones, smart phones and so on. So when you build a website, you have to make it such that is becoming mobile friendly. How does your website works best on a mobile phone is a tough question? Find out the answer, if you think your website works really bad make sure it is changed as early as possible. It becomes very important for website owners to master in mobile- web development. You should focus on making your website content easily consumable in devices smaller than desktop. One of the important focuses you should always put is on the content of your website and its navigation by the thumb. This is one of the most important mobile development trends that should be taken into consideration as the second highest priority after a single page website. Mobile phones are never going fade away; you will see additional changes in mobile user experience so it is best to get updated with it.

Progressive Web App

These web apps are going to be in trend, so all that you would see is the website has its functionality as well as the design similar to the mobile app. While this question was in trend the previous year’s “how to consume the web content properly for mobile?” We would see exactly the opposite question now in 2018. The main idea behind this point is to make the App-like experience on the website. With the app like experiencing the best benefits, you will see is that your user will consider you as worthy to be on the home page, you will also monitor a better user experience and better engagement and hold. Also, it helps in increase in the conversion rate. All of this you will gain simply if you try hard to make the App-like experience on your website. This sounds really unique and I hope the majority of the reader’s plan this one as instant as possible.

Push Notification

Push notification is the most influence solution in order to engage the user. But only if it did the right way it will give you results, but if it’s done in a wrong method your visitors will never like your website. The main key here is to provide a valuable push notification don’t just make it too much as in don’t overuse it. It can be great and on the other hand, irritating at the same time. If you want to inform the user about any new product, service, update, sale or anything related to the real-time value for the users using the push notification can be a great solution. Push notification can give tough competition to email, SMS, social media as well, as they are quick on time and aren’t that complicated.

Statistic Website

Statistic website is not a thing that is going to live in the past, now it’s blooming, though it is very costly or you can say expensive to maintain and update but it is very useful. For a website that can spend on the statistic, they should definitely opt for it. A static site generator is more advanced, better and you will get to know the response, rate, and engagement on your website as well. This type of website is capable of any type of business. Having a company’s website is really crucial to maintain. And if you are operating online with a website, for you it becomes quite essential to know how the visitors are reacting with this. If you don’t follow the trend you may become outdated easily. Inculcating each and every trend is not important; you can add few to check how it is responding on your website.

So now if you feel that you can start with following one or 2 trends mentioned here, it can be really great for your website’s online presence.

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