Key Features of a Landing Page

Headlines and Ad Copy

The headline and the advertisement wording of your landing page should complement one another. You are able to determine the cost-per-click with the aid of your Adwords score. If you want to improve this score make sure that the content of your landing page and ad message is in sync with each other.

Clear and Brief Headlines

The headline of your page is the first thing that a visitor will read and for this reason it should be compelling enough for the visitor to have a closer look at your website. You should address a particular point that is linked to your website’s content as it will be able to capture the attention of the reader instantly.

Impeccable Grammar

Your website grammar should be flawless and for this you need to triple check content. You can also have a different person read through your content as it will help in identifying any mistakes. The trust factor of a customer may be risked if your website has any sloppy grammar and spelling errors.

Strong Call-to-actions

It is imperative that a user comes to know the action that they need to take, after they have read the landing page content. You should spot the keywords that people who are interested in your type of service may search for. The call-to-action should be strong enough to attract the attention of the visitor.

Placement of Call-to-actions

The most essential part of your webpage is the space that a visitor notices without having to scroll down and that is where your call-to-actions should be placed. It should be placed above the fold and in a position where the visitor’s eye will look at. Never put the call-to-action in a place where the visitor has to search for it.

A-B Testing

It is essential that you design more than one landing page and then test them against each other to observe which one performs better. This test is known as A-B Testing. A landing page should be optimized for conversions over time. You can change images, content and call-to-actions to check out what resonates better with the visitors. Testing might create a colossal difference in making your PPC campaign successful. Even a 1% conversion difference can raise the profit margins in PPC advertising for some industries. After testing if you create a better landing page then you will notice a 10 to 50 percent enhanced conversion rate.

Implement Images and Videos Related to the Copy

Put up user testimonials videos, product images and motivational speeches into the homepage as it will have a positive impact on the viewers. It will also give an extra push to the shoppers to explore the product further.

Significance of Landing Page

Whichever business invests in PPC and SEO for digital marketing should have landing pages that are designed according to the ad links they publish. It has been noted that when users are directed towards the homepage through the ad links it tends to have a low rate of visitor converts. However, when a visitor is redirected to a page that is specific to the posted ad links then there are more chances of turning that user into a solid lead.

This study is based on the fact that people have a very short attention span. So if they do not find want they are searching for then within seconds you might lose customers.

Our Caliber

The purpose of a landing page is to influence people in taking the action and completing the task that you had intended for them. The task could be clicking a button, filling up a form or calling you. This is the major difference between a normal webpage and a landing page. Companies also give special focus on providing visitors a great user experience with stunning design concepts.

The primary aim of Saman Technosys is to create an appealing header for your page that would completely impress the visitors as the header is a prime aspect of the landing page.

Personalization of a landing page is an essential aspect and we personalize your landing page based on the demographics, visitor’s history, geo-location, etc.