Saman Technosys offers pay per click marketing services and utilizes the best strategies based on your business requirements. Our expert team strives hard to prepare a brilliant campaign for your business and also offer constant monitoring and improvisation. If the advertising campaign is not successful on a particular platform then we utilize those resources to advertise your business on a different platform.

The experts working with us have extensive experience and are aware about the ongoing PPC practices and strategies. They also conduct thorough analysis and deliver admirable results.

Our Procedure:

PPC Strategy

We make sure that we thoroughly understand your industry sector, business, USP and competitors as it will help us in tailoring a PPC campaign that is suitable for you. This way, we will be able to develop a PPC strategy that will deliver the required results.


To deliver the developed strategy we will build your existing campaign or establish accounts at some new networks. It is essential that you have ownership of those accounts and you also build a relationship with the new network owners.


We will make sure that you are using the right keywords and for this we use sophisticated techniques that ensure the keywords we select are right for your business.

Adcopy Writing

We make certain that your adverts are strongly concentrated to the landing pages and to the ad group’s keywords in your website. We continuously test your website and place a strong call to action that ensures you get right traffic at the lowest possible cost.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are an essential part of PPC. Ad extensions have the ability to transform your adtext and give you the chance to stand out amongst your competitors.

Shopping Ads

To promote your inventory we will aid you in setting up, managing and optimizing your product listing ads and shopping campaigns. Our expert team ensures that the right product comes for the right keywords.


We ensure that the tracking is setup properly so that it will provide us with the right data to optimize your PPC campaign. This is an essential phase as we need all the right data to optimize the accounts.

PPC Optimization

Ongoing optimization helps to constantly refine the campaign and push its performance boundaries. Paying attention to every single detail of the campaign is vital as it will make a massive difference for your business.


To have a significant insight into the happenings of your PPC campaign we generate reports. These reports usually contain the performance of your paid search, your company’s work, etc.

Contact us today and we will help you with our PPC marketing services to get your business in the top results of the search engines.