10 Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page

It takes about 10 seconds for you to persuade your landing page visitors that they have found the place that will fulfill their need. If you are not able to convince them within 10 seconds, you will probably never see them again. That is why it is necessary that you optimize your landing page so that you can turn those 10 seconds so that you can get thee suitable response from your website visitors.

Here are some tips that will help you in optimizing your landing page:

Keep it simple and minimalistic

Make sure your landing page design is simple and fill it with whatever you find is absolutely necessary for the visitors. If the visitors find that you offer them with the suitable solution then you will surely get a conversion.

Limit your navigation

You should avoid the temptation of making every page of your website accessible from the landing page. The sole purpose of your landing page is to make sure that your visitors take a specific action. You should not distract them with all the different directions that they can go to.

Catchy headline

The headline of your landing page should be catchy enough that it stops the visitors and encourages them to engage with your landing page. There are many ways in which you make your headline catchy. You can pique their curiosity by hinting that you have a solution for their needs with a question or statement. Challenge them by making a bold statement. Whatever you choose for your headline, ensure that it is enticing enough to make them stay on your landing page.

Connect with them on an emotional level

You need to talk about your visitors and engage with them emotionally. You can use words such as easy, discover, proven, results, guarantee, etc. You should make them feel that their decision of moving forward with you is the right one.

Trust factor

You need to earn the trust of your visitors and you can do this by showing testimonials, various endorsements from popular organization (such as Verisign) or by restating your guarantees with graphic badges.

Clear call to action

You should never assume that your visitors will know what to and take action immediately. Your call to action should have a vague click here or submit, instead be accurate about the services you provide. Tell them the benefits and show enthusiasm too.

Request precise information only

You should not demand vast information from your visitors. Do not overwhelm them with questions that they do not find necessary to answer, for the services you provide. Usually the name and email address is enough.

Always thank them

You should always show that you appreciate the trust they have placed in you. Thank them sincerely. Always give them whatever you have promised.

Make your page responsive

Make sure your website design is responsive so that it can be properly viewed on all type of mobile devices. Ensure that you page loads quickly as visitors often get frustrated if the page loading takes time.

Keep on testing your website

You need to test your website to check whether it has the right combination of navigation, content, design elements and other elements to get the expected return out of it. You can try different A/B testing tools and check out writing services that will help you with content. You need to do testing as it will give you the best possible return.


Strip down your landing page to just the essentials. Make it clear that your priority is to fulfill their needs. You should keep on improving your website so that it effectively communicates with your audiences. After this you are sure to see more conversion.

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