6 Eye Catching Website Designing Trend of 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss Out

6 Eye Catching Website Designing Trend of 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss Out

The Internet is of no good use if there is no website, but the most important website is of no use if there is no better design. Web designing is an evergreen topic, every year we see new trends emerging and thus following the trends and keeping your website updated becomes a need. The web designer tries to understand what customer expect from a website by exploring and discovering depth about customer’s expectations. The website design trend in 2018 is a slightly different, in order to compete with so many similar websites online it becomes a priority to learn and keep an update of the popular method & newest style.

You may notice that a popular trend may get slow down in a few months so you have to adapt with the new change any which ways, and if you fail to do so, your website me certainly be of no good use. In order to not feel your website is sidelined, Now you may be wondering what web design trends might we expect to see emerge in 2018? Here are the top emerging trends that you definitely have to adapt your website with in order to expect a better outcome.

No More Pop-Ups

One of the most favorite designs that every website has is the popup. I could agree with you that website popup was a really good update but now it is certainly the most irritating of all. It is just like a distraction, what if your visitors are reading & having a look at your website closely and sees this pop-up striking their eye like a distraction. Though there is this point where the pop-up grabs attention but half of the visitor assumes it as a complete distraction and it is not liked by many. Now the website designing trend doesn’t support it in any way as it now stated to be a complete distraction from the website content as well as self-promotion. But to accept and quit this trend is really difficult as almost the majority of the website owners are quite attached to this one. But if you want to stay in the market for long and be in trend, this is the one thing you need to leave behind.


Well, one of the most eye-catching trends that you will get to see for not just this year but a few long years too is the “Animation”. There is been now a trend to add animations is almost anything so as in the website. In order to hold your website visitors and get an interaction with them, this animation trend is becoming day by day popular. Visitors love to see the animated object and they will definitely read out the message or content that is basically viewing the purpose of the animation. Web designers always want to try out what is attractive and so this cool trend is emerging slowly and steadily in the market and if you get adapted with this change in your website, you will surely see it by yourself the results.


As compared to the text on your website, images are certainly the most liked ones. Images are eye soothing as well as readers find interest in reading what is written in an image rather than reading a complete long paragraph which is certainly not done by every visitor. 2018 trends have more illustrators as a replacement for the normal image. The normal photographs, gifs or products are all you have seen in 2017, but the latest trend is more of appealing towards the audience. Illustrators are showcased in the first most pages, you can say homepage and it can also be helpful for brand interpretation. The visually appealing image is definitely going to draw a lot of attention, so if you focus on getting this on your website, it will be great.

The Corners – Rounded

Haven’t you heard this phrase Old is Gold, well, this doesn’t mean you will be outdated; here I mean to see is the rounded corner trend was a very old one but now it is back in the trend list yet again. Before, like many years back most of the website had this rounded corner not just as a design in the website but on both text and boxes too. Highly rounde4d corners are getting a lot of demand nowadays, so most of the website you see has already started to adapt to this change. The beauty of the rounded corner design is that the website looks more attractive, easy to read as well as spacious. We also witnessed that Twitter recently updated a rounded corner textbox and I suppose this trend will be in the market soon so make sure you do it before it’s outdated.

Floating Navigation

The navigation bar is the most essential object that your website must have, and it is usually found on the top of the page. Well, this year, the new trend clearly says that a floating navigation is becoming a trend lately. This floating menu is slightly shifted from the top to a little centimeter below in between. This floating navigation gives an indication to the user that navigation is a universal topic and it is going to stick with you on your website as a complete website experience.


Everywhere on the website, the website owners are switching to more videos & images. As you know now live videos are going so much in demand, the same are carry forwarded here as a trend on the website. Well, this trend doesn’t really support not having text on your website, content is the key and most important thing that your website must have. The text is needed otherwise your website will look really unattractive. Also, to get information about your website, what you serve and testimonials, most of the readers read the content first. So no matter whatever the trend is, your content will be something that will never be ignored. Now that you know Videography is quite common, you can have informative videos on your website that speaks about your business, your services, product or anything that you would like your visitors to know.

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